Empath Energy Clearing Spray
Empath Energy Clearing Spray

Empath Energy Clearing Spray

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Get immediate relief with Mama Tiff's Empath Energy Clearing Spray!

By harnessing the power of natural botanicals, this unique blend of energetic revitalizers, works to clear your mind, body and soul of negative energy with just one spritz.

Find your peace and join thousands of other happy Empaths today.

When you need to shake off the negative energy, right NOW, Empath Energy Clearing Spray provides the grounding energy of an epsom salt bath or time outside in nature, Empath Energy Clearing Spray

Great for situations where you need immediate relief but can’t get away and take a moment for yourself.

Perfect for work, caring for others, or while driving. The spray can be kept in your purse and applied whenever you need quick peace.

Empath Energy Clearing Spray can also be used to quickly clear negative energy in a room.

The scent is subtle but delicious and is much less noticeable than traditional energy clearing methods such as sage or palo santo.

As a uniquely sensitive Empath, you pick up on the emotions and energy that people (and places) give off. These energies can become overwhelming, quickly.

Luckily, Mother Earth has given us positive subtle energies that are just as strong or stronger than the negative energy you encounter daily.

Mama Tiff created this Empath Energy Clearing Spray to radiate the most powerful and effective positive energy found in nature.

And it's designed with you, the sensitive Empath in mind, to help you find immediate relief!